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Workers compensation is insurance coverage that helps protect you and your employees

in case of injury or disease during the course of employment.

If your payroll is about $250,000 or more – hold on to your hats:  we have a program that will knock the socks off your current insurance plan.

Here’s what sets our program apart:

  • Up to 1/3 premium rebate – FACT!               

  • No audits – EVER!

  • Pay as you go – NO LARGE DEPOSIT!

  • Claim problems – OUR SPECIALTY!

By switching to our company, expect significant savings over your current insurance program, and here’s why:

Our program aggressively manages your comp insurance to keep you claims-free.  When you remain claims-free for 12 months, you can expect a major rebate on your premium.  When you compare that to your current comp rates, your bottom line will improve dramatically! 

This is like no other workers compensation program out there because our company self-insures.  What does that mean? 

It means our company is putting up their own capital  to pay any of your claims, so they have a vested interest in your business.  Obviously, they are highly motivated to keep you claims-free.  Any claim that occurs is immediately investigated to a quick resolution by our professional claims team.

While we ensure your workplace remains safe and averse to costly risk, YOU maintain full authority over the worksite.  You control hiring, firing, and supervision of your staff.   

Is this company financially stable?  Our company is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, in business since the 1950s, traded on NASDAQ, so company solvency is never issue.  A company this large is not vulnerable to market shifts like your current carrier – so rate fluctuations are less than what you’ve been used to. You can sleep well knowing you have best workers comp team in the business behind you.

Along with workers compensation, we will also bring the added benefit of payroll and tax administration.

You may already be aware that California is by far, the most heavily regulated state in the union in which to conduct business – so here’s where we really shine:  we have the experience and know-how to manage your employment records and keep pace with the maze of rapidly evolving rules and regulations.

PROBLEM:  The average business can expect to spend about 50% more on payroll administration by doing it themselves. 

SOLUTION: Outsource your payroll and HR expenses to the experts.  Free yourself to concentrate more effort on your business.  Keeping the payroll burden in-house is COSTING YOU MONEY.  More and more companies are realizing the savings by outsourcing.  Save both time and money.


  • Manage direct deposits, wage garnishments, & tax liens.

  • Calculate vacation time & bonuses.

  • Do all production filing of state quarterly and annual tax forms.

  • Manage unemployment insurance claims, termination notices, and background checks.

  • We assume all responsibility for filing taxes correctly and on time.

This is by far the most forward-thinking answer to your workers compensation expenses.  Your competition is probably doing this. 

Even if you currently outsource to one of the many payroll companies, you are dealing with a third party insurer.  By combining all of these services under one roof and insuring with a self-insuring company, you will achieve the highest level of savings and professional services available in today’s market.